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RV Dump Station Directory (Free Updates)

RV Dump Station Directory (Free Updates)

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*Best Seller* Download our RV dump station directory and get detailed information for over 11,000 dump sites in America! Easily find a dump station near you wherever you are - even with no WIFI!

  • Everything You Need! Get all the details you need for each dump station, including address, fees, water availability, GPS coordinates, and more!
  • Access Anywhere! Save the PDF file to your phone or computer, and access it anywhere, anytime.
  • FREE updates for life! Dump stations open and close, fees change, etc., so we regularly update this directory to reflect those changes. You'll get a fresh copy with each update.
  • No WIFI needed! You'll be able to access the download without an internet connection. Perfect for those times when traveling through areas with no internet. 
  • Get Directions & More! If you have an internet connection, you can easily click on a dump station and open a page with an interactive map, directions from your location to the dump station, and more!
  • Largest Dump Directory on the Web! We've compiled one of the largest dump station directories on the web, with over 11,000 locations covering all 50 states.
  • Safe & Secure! Because this is a simple PDF file that works on any computer or mobile device, there are NO mobile app updates or security and privacy concerns to worry about.

For a low, one-time fee, you'll be able to quickly find any dump station near you for as long as you travel, even in areas with no internet connection.

Here's exactly what you get:

  • Our entire dump station directory in one PDF file (over 1,830 pages long). While you can certainly print it off (some people do), you can easily scroll through the directory on your computer or mobile device, even without an internet connection.
  • RV dump stations are listed alphabetically by state, then city, then by station, so you can quickly and easily find a dump station near you.
  • If you are viewing the file on your computer or mobile device and have an active internet connection, you can click through to each dump site in our online RV dump station guide to get more information about each dump station.

You don't want to travel without it!

**Please Read Before Buying**

* Please note this is an instant download. You will not receive a physical copy in the mail.

* This is NOT a mobile app. It is a PDF file stored on your computer or mobile device that you can access without an internet connection. This directory was designed with offline use in mind and to be compatible with any computer or mobile device. There are NO mobile app updates or security and privacy concerns to worry about!

* Android Users will need to download the free “Adobe Reader” app for full functionality! The file opens fine with the default PDF reader, but certain links will not work without the Adobe Reader App.

* We strive to keep this directory as up-to-date as possible and rely on fellow campers and dump station owners to submit updates. With over 11,000 locations, please understand that inaccuracies in the data may develop over time. If you find an inaccuracy, please contact us, and we will update the directory for the next release.

* All sales are final! Due to the nature of downloadable files, all orders are final, non-returnable, and non-refundable. If you experience any difficulties with your files, please contact us for assistance.

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Nice site

I found dump stations and water fill stations easily. Having their phone numbers listed was very handy. It made planning easy.